Sharing The Successful Experiences Of Virtual Reality Theme Park

- Sep 18, 2017-

Virtual reality theme park aim to create a virtual reality theme park, from the 9D vr simulator, HTC Vive platform, VR racing car, vr horse, Gatlin driving operations, and then to the recently launched F1 racing, vr flight simulator and vr horse knights, vr bicycle, let VR offline experience into a new era!

The rocket's concept and principle from Constantine, the Wright brothers invented the airplane, Appollo moon, appears to now the virtual reality technology, let us take this generation of supersonic aircraft, entered into a fantastic virtual world. Longchung electronic to create immersive theme park as a "virtual reality" version for customers, through dynamic, walking, driving, shooting platform to create a series of complex interactive experience, and easily deploy them a shared open space, form a virtual reality theme park!

ski simulator (1).jpg

Movie Power still want to adhere to create a truly complete VR experience, so that users in front of the world can be loved and welcomed. "How to choose the game type" is a very important issue, such as Movie Power from the VR itself characteristics and limitations, to build a large combat equipment Gatlin. Make it a FPS stick to the ground style game, players through a very realistic vr Gatlin machine guns, a large number of enemy guns crazy shooting. The whole game experience is a full blown experience, and avoids the difficulty of moving in a virtual reality environment. This device is the most eye-catching to Hong Kong media selection, equipment virtual reality theme park!

VR gun machine.jpg

And the time is vr horse knight, let us ride a horse, keep zombie shooting game device. The game does not require us to find the origin of the zombie virus, but instead, let us ride on the spot and shoot dead bodies or bodies that do not know whether they have minds or not. Looking through the 360 degrees from God's perspective, we found it was a dark jungle in the western United states. The zombies came to us in twos and threes, and we had a tense and exciting war like a cowboy. Space time knight is a sense of the virtual reality theme park equipment, a dynamic saddle system simulates the feeling of bumps and bumps immediately. Successive zombies, as well as the way forward, let us not consider the movement in the virtual environment. This is a device that fits us well into the virtual world, without reducing much realism and highly successful virtual reality theme parks!

vr family (3).jpg

Virtual reality theme park has been developed for two years, and now has shown a raging trend of development. A virtual reality theme park, from the project to the planning and design, and then to promote business, and after the marketing strategy, the dragon will always accompany the electronic process. Movie Power has a heavyweight studio in many peers, to create ten several virtual reality equipment has been confirmed in the theme park industry. Movie Power hopes to share your experience in the high-tech experience industry over the years. The above contents do not know to have aroused everyone impassioned to open a virtual reality theme park, but in any case you can go to the DreamWorks longchung electronic away to visit a foreign!