Six Reasons To Let You Know How Much Fun Of 9D VR Simulator

- Sep 23, 2017-

Virtual reality 9D VR simulator is not a fad, it is a cool way to connect to the real world, and it is also the trend of future science and technology development.

If you're not interested in full-screen VR news, you must read this article. In the future, when you experience the beauty of VR, remember to thank the author of this article -- although it is not yet mature, it will certainly be a part of your daily life in the years to come.

That's because, virtual reality, as long as you've tried it yourself, you'll find that it's very popular. All of a sudden, anyone who has ever played a virtual roller coaster 9D VR simulator with VR is going crazy, and you, too, will be one of them.

The level of cool is beyond the description of words

When used properly, the virtual reality scream index is unthinkable. You feel has entered a whole new world (even if in reality does not exist) : you roll in a roller coaster, wall constantly to be near you, to the body in to back involuntarily, a giant whale looked in your eyes, swim away from you.

A dazzling device

There are so many r&d spending on 9D VR simulator now. In addition to the way you watch TV, movies, and video games, there are other wearable devices.

Complex emotional feedback


Awe, empathy, fear, desire -- the emotions that VR brings are endless. Through the release of human nature, the brain will treat virtual reality as reality.

Unique experience

Want to go to the moon? Maybe there's no chance in this life. But with 9D VR simulator, you can jump to the surface of the moon, get involved in the Sistine chapel, or dig in. In the classroom, VR can let the children to experience the book completely not to describe the feeling of the real world: visit of king tutankhamun's tomb, watch the knight duel of the real scene, to witness the American revolution of Paul Revere's ride despair.

More creative

In the VR world, the feeling of using your hands to paint the scene is very real. "Painting" himself in the center, and then stepped out exploration, such as a like tetris or eliminate le life-size 3 d puzzle game - through their spatial perception and hands.

Full of fun

In an HTC Vive tester, you act like a human being in a robot world, like a puppet... Finally, he was recycled for his own mistakes. AKA broke ground. After wearing VR glasses, you will not be disturbed by any outside world, completely immersed in the new world; It can be where you hide from daily stress.

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