Spider Man Developer Announces New Mysterious VR

- Jun 09, 2018-

Today, a new video was released by Insomniac Games, the developer of the exclusive Spider-Man game of the PS4. However, this new video is not about "Spider-Man," but its theme is "Reclaim Your World". At the end of the video, they revealed the science fiction VR games that the team is building.


The development team hopes their community will also be able to make this move forward, just like Insomniac Games's last VR game. At the moment we know very little about this game, but the ambition it displays is really appealing. It is understood that players can move freely among them and participate in interesting stories that have some open world flavors.

The VR work is expected to be unveiled on June 7th, the corresponding platform is now identified as Oculus Rift, and Insomniac Games's much-anticipated game "Spider-Man" will be released on September 7.