The Development Of VR Experience Hall

- Dec 08, 2017-

The development of VR experience hall

The VR experience hall, once the industry of the VR industry, is even seen as the latest business model for the VR industry. However, according to the white paper of China's VR experience store, more than 3,000 VR experience hall nationwide in 2016.


When the so-called 9d vr egg chair and HTC Vive can no longer be the driving force for the development of the VR offline market, the transformation and upgrading of VR offline experience has become an urgent matter. For example, better phantom star VR hardware configuration and more space experience.

With regard to the VR experience hall, we have visited a number of manufacturers, hardware, content and vendors providing solutions to the whole solution. In the process of communication, often can get about hardware parameters, the core information technology and the overall business model, while the slogan be born thousands of stores a year, a lot of manufacturers, but few manufacturers face to face with problems such as ground conditions and entity shop earnings.

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