The Popularity Of Beat Saber

- Nov 26, 2018-

The popularity of Beat Saber reveals the "explosion" law of VR games.

If you choose the hottest VR game of the year, which game will be the first to come to your mind? It should be the game "Beat Saber".

"Beat Saber" was first released on the Steam platform in May this year, and it launched a wave of VR audio games. In "Beat Saber", the action of the player cutting the square every time corresponds to the occurrence time of the accent in the music. When the cutting action is connected with a series of accents, the dance step is naturally generated. There are a lot of "Beat Saber" related video views on the Bilibili in the hundreds of thousands of times, the most clicked video is even close to 100W, which shows the fiery degree of the game at that time.

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Vr game "Beat Saber" is to let players participate in the game through rich body movements.

High-intensity physical game - giving players a different game feedback

Why do people love to play games more than love to learn? Because the 9dvr game gives the player immediate feedback compared to learning. What people do when they play games is to constantly try to get the feedback they want based on the gameplay – whether it’s the growth of numerical growth, the challenge of adrenaline when it’s difficult, or the sense of accomplishment when it’s all collected. 

The playability of Beat Saber is undoubtedly constantly challenging the more difficult tracks and combining them with somatosensory and VR. The rise of somatosensory games can be traced back to Nintendo's Wii. Wii Sports has still dominated the game sales championship with a total sales volume of more than 40 million, which shows how enthusiastic people are for somatosensory games.

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The feedback that virtual reality game "Beat Saber" brings to the player is divided into two aspects - the positive feedback of the successful hitting of the corresponding color bricks and the high scores in the level and the negative feedback of the frustration that has to be repeated once again. It is these two kinds of feedback that support the depth of the gameplay and the length of the game content.

The core resource of these two kinds of feedback - people's physical strength is limited, you can't play it off and off in a short time to unlock the whole content of the game, and how to ensure that you can accurately hit the corresponding color. The bricks are also related to physical strength. After all, when one brick after another quickly flies to you, you need the coordination movement of the whole body to keep up with the frequency of the bricks flying. In this process, the players will spend a lot of physical strength.

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Does it sound like a lot of physical systems designed by many mobile games to limit the growth speed of players? This system of mobile games can also effectively improve user stickiness. The physical strength in "Beat Saber" is no longer a bunch of values, but the physical strength of the real players themselves. This is a very effective player feedback mechanism that combines the design of gameplay with the physical strength of the player.