The VR Experience Museum Has Seven Business Minefields. Have You Stepped On It?

- Dec 18, 2018-

The VR Experience Museum has seven business minefields. Have you stepped on it?

The VR industry is advancing by leaps and bounds, and a wave of golden opportunities.

1 summer vacation mad earned 200,000; third-line county town monthly income of 100,000 is very easy; 40 flat months have entered 80,000; daily sales of 3,000 tickets, stores all day long; 31 cards for 1 day, players clap praise; 3 months There are 4 stores in the store, and they can make a profit without losing money; 1 week, 120,000 income bags are safe. Are you envious of so many successful cases?


ATTENTION: Recognize the seven business minefields!

1-Location is not popular, just ask for a cheap rent!

If the shop is not properly selected, even if the VR industry is so hot, the policy is so good, but it is not enough to stand out. After all, the operator earns the money of the consumer.

2-Experience equipment is only available for personal preference!

"Pre-emptive" is the biggest disadvantage of most businesses. We must know that the products we start with are aimed at the masses of consumers, not self-entertainment!

3- Do not pay attention to the decoration of the store, just ask for a quick store!

VR products are originally used for entertainment, and which consumer is willing to spend in a shop that does not even have a strong facade?

4-Save operating costs, do not pay attention to the opening of activities!

In the middle of the month, the working day accounts for nearly 70%. Smart businesses will not rely solely on holidays to attract gold, and appropriate promotions will be held to capture the hearts of consumers.

5-Free pricing, the more expensive the better!

VR as a new thing, don't let its high price scare away a lot of customers! Reasonable pricing, customers are willing to pay for it, have fun, and make money to make money!

6-Not paying attention to team building, I am the boss who has the final say!

Let the team of employees struggle with the master's mentality, and their profit potential should not be underestimated!!

7-Not paying attention to service quality, poor customer management!

The phrase "customer is God" is correct, the store service is done, the customer relationship management is good, the consumers have fun, you are the big winner!

VR theme park

Have you stepped on the minefield?

It doesn't matter, let me straighten out the ideas for you.


MARK:VR theme park operates "7 Q"

1.How to choose the right place to operate?

2.How to choose the best equipment list?

3.How to improve the attractiveness of the facade?

4.How to improve store popularity during the off-season?

5.How to reasonably price?

6.How to improve employee motivation?

7.How to improve service quality and accumulate customer resources?

Never mind that we will set different marketing plans for different customer groups, so that you will take less detours.