Virtual Reality Vr Bicycle, More Fun!

- Sep 22, 2017-

Virtual reality vr bicycle is based on computer simulation, using virtual reality glasses and computer real-time CG, force feedback and intelligent sensor simulation based on reality and transcend it riding experience, the characteristics of basically has the following several aspects:

1. Display the real-time rendering of the cycling environment through the virtual reality headset to create a virtual cycling environment for cyclists;

2. Through the motion sensor, the speed, direction and strength of the vr bicycle can be collected in real time, and the virtual environment can be modified in real time through the physical engine;

3. Through the force feedback device, the virtual cycling environment is reflected to the real world through the damper, and the cycling intensity is controlled. You can also use the three-degree-of-freedom platform to experience the bending, downhill and deceleration of real cycling.

vr bike simulator (2).jpg

High speed road cycling, and breathtaking mountain bike, or exciting air bikes, in the world of virtual reality can let you realistic experience immersive feeling beyond reality.

vr bike simulator (4).jpg