Vr Amusement Park Market, Will It Become Popular?

- Aug 31, 2017-

 vr amusement park market, will it become popular?


Currently, there is a lack of well-known IP access in China and VR offline experience market dominated by gaming experience. While SONY Playstation VR, which has a lot of game IP, has a better appeal for gamers, its market for gamers and vr amusement park is not a cross line. Although some shopkeepers want to introduce PS VR. But it doesn't get the official permission first, and the content of the PS VR isn't exactly suited to the short-run experience store model.


This situation has recently begun to change. Containing pleasant goat and dynamic flash on children has a strong attraction to IP domestic enterprises the fly animation, as early as 15 years began to invest in VR enterprise, and one of its results have also recently officially landed in guangzhou.


The most popular cartoon IP in China get into the vr amusement park market


Auyi toys, formerly audi toys, have gained popularity in the late 1990s and are still the main source of revenue for today's anime toys. At the same time, in 2015, o 'fly animation also invested in domestic motion capture programme operator noto, as part of its transformation of entertainment. And the combination of the two products - the future vr amusement park experience center in 2016 is the last month of the VR year.




Aoyi future, it is the fly anime subsidiaries and also make joint venture company, operating the VR experience shop business, so in guangzhou is better in the square 1000 square meters of the future vr amusement park experience store, three-quarters of the Project is based on, also make the Project Alice product solutions, according to authorities, the future will also as the concept of comprehensive experience test, and to build a VR swim the layout of the integration. This is the basis for the inclusion of more partners.


The core of the experience -- how does the product perform?


The entire future includes four modules and six gaming areas. The VR section occupies a large module and four gaming areas. In addition to the VR content area, there are modules that include catering and toy sales as well as the four-drive zone, which can be used as a VR diversion. After the experience, we found that, in terms of vr amusement park area, there is a high level of storefront service at present, and it is not enough to use the large-space multiplayer game.


At present, the card charging system is adopted, and the single project is 30-50 yuan, and 198 yuan can be used as the entire VR project.