Vr Bike May Be More Natural Than The Experience Shop

- Sep 11, 2017-

It's reported that a foreign guy in the vr bike to lose weight of 50 pounds , I do not know how many of the relatively home game enthusiasts heart yearning. And some company also received nearly $5 million in investment at the end of last year. With curiosity, I interviewed the same type of VR+ fitness company, and tried to find out whether it was a good business or not.

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 The same type of overseas company for the user, this model looks beautiful, but from either VR or VR+ industry, the fitness track customer subdivision, direction or severe equipment on the B side. So they themselves will think that this year's market focus on the B side, C side will be released later.

Of course, in this specific application, the B side mainly refers to the fitness club. Fitness clubs will be interested in vr bike, the most fundamental driving force is offline traffic, while the VR experience can make a store quickly out of the industry homogenization of the situation. 

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And want to get better competition ability in this fractionize direction, need relevant company to have very strong channel ability and product ability. The importance of the channel clearly has a direct impact on sales. The fitness club will also focus on product ability is the result of this model is different from the pure VR store experience, if vr bike itself does not attract users, this kind of equipment will be rapidly becoming idle, and this situation is with the fitness club hope to get more traffic violation. But if you can make a more complete experience of the product, whether it is from the customer source or consumer willingness, VR bike for gym is more than pure line store experience in line with people's consumption habits and daily needs of the model. Of course, the development capabilities include the development of game content and the transformation of fitness device adaptation games.

VR fitness company at home is still relatively small, and foreign countries have similar products. Holodia, an overseas company, has been working with HTC Vive on an VR fitness device that the company spent in 2015 investing in an unknown amount of angel investment. VirZOOM is also a bicycle equipment, the company had received $4 million 380 thousand in financing in December 2016. German company Icaros GmbH has developed a VR fitness equipment, users can exercise in the core (such as flat support), experience diving or flying feeling. According to reports, this device has entered the world's more than 200 gym.

These competing products among the core issues include: product prices expensive,content experience is not in place, and C end product line controversial. Qingdao branch, although not disclose the specific price, but is expected to be located at around 10 million yuan, and will not exceed the expectations of fitness club customers. Although this kind of product itself more imagination is indeed the direction on the C side, but in the premise of price and experience of individual users temporarily unable to move, rely on the channel resources to the B experience model may be a more effective way of thinking.

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