Vr Earthquake Platform Come Into Being

- Aug 31, 2017-


Vr Earthquake Platform come into being


Nine years. One user who experienced the 2008 wenchuan

earthquake and the jiuzhaigou earthquake said she was "too scared to run" this time. People like her must be a lot of people, but we can't think of how to survive through disasters.


Through VR (Virtual reality) experience, Vr Earthquake Platform ,maybe we can learn how to survive an earthquake.


On August 16, VR games offline distribution platform technology addressed to build dream VR experience store open letter, is asking the country to VR experience pavilion organized activities, free and open to the society survive earthquakes education experience of Vr earthquake platform. In addition to helping more people learn about earthquake escape, dream technology hopes to change the perception that VR experience stores are similar to "just some gaming devices".



Dream technology to the national VR experience museum open letter

Original intention -- what can we do in recent years earthquake disaster frequently?


In VR industry, whether we can through the virtual reality technology and the existing industry resources to do something for the society, can let more people obtain seismic escape some experience, this is a always linger in our mind, unable to wipe. Finally, one day we found our way and tried to change something with the Vr earthquake platform 


Beijing time and space technology is a team that focuses on VR security education, and has a very in-depth study in the field of earthquake escape. After listening to our thoughts, time and space technology immediately expressed support, hoping to provide "VR earthquake escape".


Action - we call on the national VR experience museum to open an earthquake escape freely


We will provide the VR experience free content VR earthquake escape, hope to experience owner own experience, and experience, my family and friends more hope to be able to take the initiative to recommend to store every customer free experience, even to go out and get more people can experience the VR earthquake escape content free, let more people know about the earthquake knowledge of escape!


Future - we will expect the VR industry in the future


In the future, Vr Earthquake Platform is the parallel world we find.

In the future of VR, will build up a more huge economic system, we can use the power of the VR to complete more complex work, help mankind to realize more ideas, VR can help us save a lot of social resources. In the future, VR will continue to promote social development through its unique advantages.