VR Experience Project Introduction How About 9D Cinema Equipment Manufacturers

- Jun 18, 2020-

VR Experience Project Introduction How About 9D Cinema Equipment Manufacturers

With the development of the Internet, the decline of traditional video game cities seems to be taken for granted. On the one hand, after the 70s and 80s who were keen on arcades, they have entered middle age, and they are far away from the game. On the other hand, the main audience of the video game city is now 90s and 00s. They are used by WeChat, online games, and mobile phones. The game occupies most of the fragmented time. When the Movie Power 9D interactive movie experience hall appears, it will cause a sensation.

Movie Power 9D interactive movie experience hall is different from the traditional way of producing and distributing movies and games of the same story content separately. Movies and games can be organically combined. The Movie Power 9D interactive movie experience hall can be perfectly inserted into the 3D game scene in the plot of the existing movie to achieve the interaction between the person and the movie plot; or to establish a complete 9D movie.

Mvie Power-9D VR

Why did you introduce the Movie Power 9D movie equipment project? According to Mr. Liu, the person in charge: "Traditional entertainment equipment is not attractive to young people now. 9D is the most popular interactive entertainment project now. You can be immersive by wearing a helmet To enter another world and experience the full sensory stimulation that traditional games cannot reach. For young people, the attraction is huge. Every day, there are three or four hundred passengers, which increases the popularity of the entire video game city. We are considering adding more A few sets of equipment."

Based on the highly interactive social link design, users can not only experience the trendy virtual reality technology independently, but also compete online with friends and relatives to compete on the leaderboard. Even through the live broadcast screen, their exciting and exciting adventure process will be shared to the outside of the venue in real time, attracting passersby to stop, realize the efficient aggregation of popularity, and cultivate potential consumer groups.

As the person in charge said, compared to traditional entertainment equipment, the high-tech nature of Movie Power 9D movie equipment determines that its entertainment, interactivity, and presence are much higher than traditional entertainment equipment. Immersive VR helmets, 360° free motion platforms, panoramic interactive videos, and perhaps these cool-sounding features have heralded the future development direction of “smart entertainment” in the video game city.

It can be seen that the advent of the era of virtual reality entertainment has accelerated the shrinkage of the traditional video game market, and also accelerated the popularity of the Movie Power 9D virtual reality experience, which has spawned the industrial model of "VR + video game city" and has begun to show results. The domestic video game industry needs to recognize the urgency of strategic transformation, actively seek change, and cater to market development trends in order to survive in the fierce market competition.