VR Family Vr Simulator-Make Money Artifact

- Sep 22, 2017-

 Six people VR family vr simulator is an upgraded version of the 5 d / 7 d cinemas, wear VR glasses can be used in bright environment, unlike limited by the the projector can only has a better effect in the dark environment; Inherited the 5 d / 7 d all the excellent characteristics, 6 people VR family vr simulator can be put on the market, the theme park and other traffic more venues, extremely has the sense of science and technology equipment appearance and intuitive experience results show attract the curiosity of onlookers a 300% increase in attendance. The 6 people's VR family vr simulator dynamic equipment includes crankshaft motion mechanism, computer and game software, VR glasses, glass steel seat, glass and steel appearance.

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Movie Power 6 seats vr simulatorOther brand 9D vr simulator
 5D/7D cinema
EffectThe VR headset has a 360-degree immersive experience, with a 100% improvement in visual effects.VR headgear has 360 degree immersive experience effect, good visual effect.The 3D imaging technology of the projector, the visual range of 120 degrees, is less immersive.
Return on investmentSix simultaneous experiences and a 200 per cent increase in return on 1-3 people experience simultaneously, the return rate of investment is general.Six simultaneous experiences and high investment returns.
AttendanceNo site restriction, open operation, the appearance of the modern technology sense, attracted a crowd, the attendance rate increased 300%.No site restriction, open operation, very modern technology sense of eggshell modeling, high attendance. But the homogenization of eggshell modelling is too high.Installed in the room, the attendance rate is weak.
Environmental effects

Inheriting the features of 5D/7D cinema with a lot of environmental effects, the feeling of the scene is very high and the experience effect is increased by 30%.

In order to cooperate with the game, the equipment will smoke like a real space ship, which will greatly improve people's sense of novelty.

The environmental effects are small and the feeling is weak.There are 11 environmental simulation effects, such as hair dryer, smoke, and leg sweeping, which are very high.
Stable qualityThe structure and components are better, reducing the failure rate by 90% and extending life by 200%.Optimize the mechanical structure, no wearing parts and motion smoother more accurate movement of crankshaft structure (patent technology), more optimization of the mechanical stability of the whole, at the same time the quality better, longer service life of planetary reduction.The inherent vulnerable parts of servo electric cylinder and unreasonable forces
Game contentAlmost every month of the content production, the repeat customers increased 300%.NONO

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