VR Helmet Is The Most Important For The Vr Equipment

- Sep 29, 2017-

VR, which refers to virtual reality technology, is a new and high technology that has emerged in recent years, also known as artificial environment. Virtual reality is used computer simulations to create a 3 d virtual world, to provide users simulation about senses such as vision, hearing, touch, let users as illustrates its general, timely, there is no limit to observe things in three dimensions.

VR virtual reality products have three characteristics: immersion, imagination and interactivity. Interactivity is the biggest feature of virtual reality products that are different from 3d movies. The latter can only be seen, while the former can use interactive devices to perform various operations on three-dimensional images. "Immersive" is a 3D image of the surrounding wall or enclosed glasses, helmet, etc., which makes you feel fully immersed in another world.

The best VR device is the same thing you feel when you wear your helmet. Whether you are back and forth motion or rotation Angle of view, see the image after the underlying algorithm optimization and rendering is real-time and realistic, the experience from the vision trick your brain, cooperate with other sensory interaction, you won't feel fully in the middle of a virtual world.

Current VR equipment are not popular, and lack of immersion is an important factor, and the main factors affecting the immersion are the following five elements:

1. Stable image quality: the image needs to be realistic enough to see if there is a "sand window effect".

2. Head tracking: the screen is displayed with the movement of the head. If the helmet fails to restore the head movement, the user will get lost and motion sickness.

The virtual reality of hand body: VR has to be able to make you feel like your body exists in a virtual world. For example, when you look down, you should be able to see the hand of yourself (or the role you play), and the size of the character can be changed precisely when others approach you.

4, the continuity of environmental response: you are in the virtual world of should be stable and continuous, when you put an object on a table, for example, to leave, then back, it is still there;

Social: other people should be in cyberspace, which makes both of you feel more real.