VR Horse Rides In A Vr Amusement Park

- Sep 19, 2017-

In recent years, vr amusement park has experienced a rapid development, recently finally gave birth to a new device of surprise, this is the "VR Battle Knight" vr horse simulator experience under the VR line of mobile equipment. I always have a dream, a prairie of the virtual battlefield, everyone wearing heavy armour, riding horses fighting on the battlefield. With this obsession, I've been looking for an earthly paradise. I lament the faint of hope, almost thought to give up, but I finally met in the VR theme park, "VR Battle Knight" this equipment. The grandeur and momentum of the movement have effectively demonstrated one of the most magnificent battlefields, allowing me to interpret this epic story with passion!

vr horse ride (6).jpg

VR Battle Knight is a first person VR horse ride game device, the theme of the game will be around riding a horse to explore, and in different environments, using different weapons, fighting with different enemies. That dream seemed remote in the imagination, but it was finally realized in the vr amusement park today, and the picture in my mind became so clear. Time like water, quietly flowing, driving the wheel of time to turn gently, I crossed to an ancient battlefield, set foot on their blood adventure trip. "Time spent Knight" grand and warm atmosphere of large scale, knife, gun, sword and halberd and horse gongs, make me inspired in the excitement of. In the VR theme park in the world, I in this grand pass game started, mount and different style of play like this, the war victory and honor gains and losses not only confirms my belief: with people fighting an endless enjoyment!

vr horse ride (5).jpg

This novel experience is also too realistic because the scene, so many people scared. "VR horse rides" is an independent first person riding game, can there be a soldier in the game's arrogant, brought a new experience, compared with the traditional VR game has more realistic combat experience and more interactive way, has a strong presence and confrontational, let the game player really feel own fighting on the battlefield. In the VR theme park, "VR Battle Knight" equipment destined to become a classic and difficult to be surpassed, both war scenes and surge high and sweep forward, vivid and lively scene of peace, as well as the local feeling exquisite. Although this is just a virtual world, but what about it? What if it's just a virtual world? I need to do, just try to fight, in the face of difficulties, overcoming all obstacles, in the face of setbacks, invincible, to pursue your dreams! In the VR theme rides, the "Knight of the hour" device scores so much that it has been played many times and is still worth reviewing as the best annotation for blood!

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