VR+ News: A New Exploration In The New Media

- Oct 05, 2018-

VR+ News: A New Exploration in the New Media

In recent years, virtual reality technology has become a hot topic at home and abroad. The birth of VR technology has also played a significant role in promoting the development of the media industry.Specifically, the integration of VR technology into news reports has created the emerging concept of “VR+News”. When this concept appeared in the field of news communication, the news media's reporting ideas and production processes have undergone tremendous changes.On this basis, the audience's perception of the way news is acquired has also changed a lot. However, the convergence of VR technology and news reports still has some problems in practical applications, and how they are better integrated, this article will analyze this.

Virtual reality technology is an effective combination of virtual world and real world. This technology allows the user to enter a very wonderful virtual world, but feels very real, very stereo, and can be three-dimensional imaging.This technology is based on computers with "immersive" and "interactive" systems, the basic element of which is "distant". VR can "move" "far" scenes to "in front of the eyes", and users can intervene in the scene according to their own ideas.It is based on these characteristics of VR that many scholars at home and abroad regard VR as the core support of "hypermedia" technology. It has an immeasurable spread of "super power."When Nonny de la Pena of the University of Southern California's Annaberg School of Communication and Journalism first presented the concept of "Immersive Journalism" (the source of VR+ news) in her 2010 paper, VR+ News became a news report. a new way. It gives the traditional news more interesting "immersion" virtual interaction mode. The use of this technology breaks the limitations of traditional news in terms of distance and space, allowing the audience to experience the news in an immersive way.


Before the development of new media, news reporting methods were basically language symbols such as text, pictures, audio and video. And VR news is no longer limited to a simple statement of the news, but creates a 360-degree panorama.This breaks the limitations of time and space, allowing users to immerse themselves in a "simulated" news scene, and also provides more possibilities for real, comprehensive and objective expression of news.

The change in the way VR+ news is expressed makes the users of VR+ news no longer outsidersbut eye witnessesof news events. In traditional news, users access information is mostly indirect and passive. However, VR+ News broke the third person's narrative mode, with the user as the first perspective, increasing the user's selectivity and improving the user experience.

As a new form of news, the popularity of VR+ news has placed new demands on news producers.In addition to the ability of traditional journalists to write, edit, and record, they also need to learn and master the shooting and production process of VR+ news.For the media industry, professionals with professional skills will be favored and valued by the industry along with excellent content producers.

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