VR Roller Coaster Simulator

- Nov 30, 2017-

Virtual reality VR roller coaster simulator is the collection of artificial intelligence, the dynamic seat platform, three-dimensional imaging digital content, live-action effects such as technology and aesthetic art in the integration of a new generation of multimedia interactive entertainment experience. Viewers experience a virtual roller coaster ride in a dynamic seat and a three-dimensional spectacle of a roller-coaster ride. Shuttle in the real decoration scene and the screen image of the three-dimensional virtual scene, in the rolling of the orbit of the real feeling roller coaster of overweight and weightlessness. The image is clear, the film content of the impact of the impact of the impact of the film combined with the air blast, lightning, water and other special effects to give the audience an experience of an exciting indoor roller coaster ride.


Virtual reality VR roller coaster simulator

Screen structure

The projection screen is different from ordinary Virtual reality VR roller coaster simulator use cinema projection screen, in order to better the performance of the 3 d effect through virtual roller coaster is metal curtain more, and in order to let the audience have a better immersive virtual screen is arc screen roller coaster. The curtain is able to surround the audience in film and television, so as to make the audience's eyesight and the movie scene.

3d glasses

Because of the 3D effect of 3D movies, viewers need to wear polarized glasses, or stereoscopic glasses, when experiencing virtual roller coaster projects. Stereo glasses allow viewers see film left and right eye image is different, this projection to the image in the human brain is 3 d stereo images, thus creating stereo space visual effect of place oneself among them.


The projector

Only two projectors can complete the project of the virtual roller coaster.


The most important thing for a Virtual reality VR roller coaster simulator is the quality of the stereo. As the name implies virtual roller coaster of film in a roller coaster, for scenario, more is to use pure stereo hd video, have risen sharply in the film or a sudden drop in the lens, and a variety of terrorist breathtaking screen effect.