Vr Simulations Very Popular Around The World

- Aug 31, 2017-

vr simulations very popular around the world


Immersive announced the launch of  vr simulations  and mobile advertising platforms more than a year ago to help consumers find VR apps and content. Recently, the company revealed that it has completed A round of financing of $10.5 million.


Black box learned that this round of funding was led by The Venture Capital firm Rogers Venture Partners, with other funds and strategic investors including Foundation Capital, The Venture Reality Fund, Initial Capital, East Ventures, HTC Vive, MCJ co.ltd., GREE, i-mobile, Metaps and Gigi Levy.


Rogers Venture Partners general partner Paul Sestili and Gumi founder and CEO Hironao Kunimitsu joined Immersv's board of directors.


"Immersive is the leader of the next wave of interactive digital advertising." Sestili said, "mobile 360°content and advertising provides high viewing rate, click-through rates, as well as the overall exposure rate of brand and advertising. Immersv, as the dominant player in new advertising, has the ability to bring great value to advertisers and publishers.


Immersv says they have recently signed 15 project agreements with the world's largest Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Supply Side Platforms (SSP), and now partners include such as streaming Video, YuMe, Bidswitch, ironSource and Supership.


 vr simulations will use the investment to accelerate product development, through direct distributors and SSP expand inventory, and move into the global brand and marketing personnel, mobile 360°content and vr simulations.


"We are happy to work with the best institutions and strategic investors in the world." Immersv chairman and chief executive of Mihir Shah said, "although the mobile video market continues to grow, but we think interactive advertising experience will replace the current video advertising market in the next few years, to provide better results to advertisers, bring higher returns for distributors, and a better experience for consumers."