VR Simulator-birdly Vr Flying Simulator

- Nov 29, 2017-

How can you fly without wings and feel like a bird? Overlooking the world while flying? One of the most accessible ways is to experience the flight virtual reality VR birdly vr flying simulator。

birdly vr flying simulator, is design by Movie Power a VR extreme sports artifact, extreme sports to simulate global challenge rates are highest wing outfit flight, in the VR extreme sports. Let the experiencer be able to become a geek in seconds - the "birdman", the lifelike feeling of flying in the air, the safety challenge extreme sports, the dream of the air limit challenge! People who have not experienced flying in the sky have been almost overwhelmed by the flying wings. birdly vr flying simulator is one of the most popular products in VR experience pavilion. It is also the investment equipment of VR experience center.

Product features:

1 high-tech fashion appearance, ergonomic dynamic design, equipped with movable pulleys and air blast equipment, not only can feel the high altitude flight, but also feel the wind in the face of the wind;

2. VR panorama simulation perspective, high refresh rate and low dizziness. Body orientation and accurate transmission of interactive signals;


3. Adopt the core industrial control technology of precision JMDM and the action precision of the 6-dof motion platform, sensitive to no delay and reliable;

4. The dynamic platform accurately makes the special effects of the whole process, and the environmental effects are more real!

5, exclusive research and development of content adaptation "leap in zhangjiajie" simulate real flight, such as high altitude overlooking the beautiful scenery of zhangjiajie, never leave home, bound for well-known attractions, appreciate the scenery of the general, safe, stimulating and fun, let fly travel enthusiasts real experience and emotion in the beauty of the unique experience.

6. The vast amount of content resources are obtained free of charge. The high quality VR content production strength of the research and development team of jing min specialized research and development team ensures the continuous production of the later films. Enjoy a different flight experience!

Movie Power birdly vr flying simulator in offline VR experience hall, scenic spots, the exhibition, the major activities, shine brilliantly in all walks of life, VR wing outfit flight + in all walks of life can find profit point, combining site, for the investor sentiment, propaganda effect, value and wealth!

Movie Power also provides a one-stop solution for investment franchisees and other investors of VR experience centren, ensuring the customers' use of worry-free, stable operation and continuous profit.

Investment, leasing demand can contact  Movie Powe, the VR wing flight birdly vr flying simulatorsource developer will escort you!