VR Theme Park Takes You Into The Time World

- Sep 18, 2017-

Fly "since ancient times is a fascinated words, these years" through "word also often appear in front of us, there are a lot of news too early because many want to feel through or flight and make jumping events, and these things are often a consequence of death. There are many impossible things in the world, but in order to make these impossible possible, there are various inventions. VR fly simulator is one of them.

In order to realize the dream of an eternal flight, Movie Power has created an VR aircraft equipment - vr fly simulator.

vr fly simulator.jpg

In addition to vr fly simulator, Movie Power pre launch of the "vr horse simulator Knight" and "vr driving simulator" and "VR robot battle" and "vr family", "VR Gatlin battle" and other equipment is not more than a dozen Seiko secret agents of outstanding VR equipment, of course, these devices are also as expected, the love and public support.

vr family (3).jpg

Movie Power adhere to product innovation line, to customer experience as the leader, in the highly competitive market environment, always firmly for customers to build cost-effective products. In the course of research and development of the game, no matter how big a challenge it is, Dragon Electronics insists on doing the most exquisite game, the most touching special effects. Incisively and vividly the special effects play, the thrilling interactive competition, the memorable customer experience process, is our pursue!