VR Travel Is Popular In 9d Vr Technology

- Aug 31, 2017-

VR travel is popular in 9d vr technology

So many people did 9D VR Tours, but few make it. The nine-zero girl may have an inkling that "we're done with VR alone."


At the current level of 9d VR technology, it is impossible to get the same satisfaction with the field trip by lying in the home, so VR should be the icing on the cake.

How to integrate VR and tourism properly, the black box is connected to a young start-up company in the phoenix mountain, shenzhen, and they have the most say.


Company founder from Beijing city, university grade three of the girl, huaxia, she founded one nutmeg culture communication co., LTD., rooted in luohu district of shenzhen wutong mountain, has a history of over a year. For a year, huaxia's entrepreneurial team has been promoting the development of the brand of the wutong mountain art town, which is the project of the 9D VR smart map.


Art town panoramic map is made of professional development team, on the phone to open the panoramic map, click on the upper left corner you can browse the other works of the production team, click on the upper left corner you can adjust the panoramic map mode.

A panoramic map of the town offers two perspectives: a normal perspective and an asteroid perspective. The asteroid perspective is a fish-eye perspective that can show a dizzying spatial squeeze effect.

In addition, the map can not only in the mobile phone or tablet up explorers scene, also provide VR model, fit 6 including cardboard mobile VR devices, in which the audience can adjust the screen size, distance of adaptation and VR.




Wutong mountain panoramic map of a total of 18 images, including the image is divided into two main content - 18 street and the museum of art, this paper introduces the main streets and cultural creative industry park, also basically covers the wutong mountain is worth to humanities landscape, and other panoramic map, each scenic spot is equipped with detailed information.

Whether it's in the hands or on the head, this VR panoramic map can support the space movement, and as the audience moves in the real world, the audience's position in the town will change.


9d VR travel now or in the attempt stage, homogeneity of products on the market is too much, and VR is the product itself is not enough to support and against the core competitiveness of similar product, put all your eggs in one basket, faces an uncertain future.

Wind energy as art town, main kung fu or condensation in user experience this end, is under the background of the current limitations of the technology to implement a good way of VR tourism.