What Is The 4d Dome Cinema

- Nov 30, 2017-

As people love of cinema 4 d, 4d dome cinema has become a ideal tool for scientific research and science popularization, especially in the space, Marine, military, atmospheric physics, such as the fields of science can make it more obvious superiority.

So what is a dome screen movie? In popular terms, the image is projected onto a round ceiling, which makes the audience look very real, vivid and realistic. The movie is called dome movie or 360 degree theater. A big screen movie that appeared in the 1970s. The shooting and screening of the film were made with a super wide Angle fisheye lens, the audience hall was domed, the screen was half spherical, the audience was surrounded, and the screen was like the sky. As the screen image is large and clear, it is shown in front of the audience, accompanied by a stereo sound, so that the audience is in the middle of the scene, the effect is very strong.

The dynamic sphere using 70 mm projection equipment, domed screen Zan 18 meters in diameter, the audience watching movies, the whole picture is full of sphere, without screen edge, transmission type metal screen, six channels of the stereo effect, make the audience enjoy the change myriad, of life together. Locations within a dynamic platform, hydraulic, electrical automation control, computer animation is set as one of the high-tech systems engineering, and when you sat on a platform carrier, the carrier can lift up and down, left and right sides, around the pitch, can simulate spacecraft to invite swim space, also can simulate submersibles, strange scene, get a good view of the underwater world with vivid pictures the activities of the carrier and platform, let a person involuntarily into the role, cause very special feel real and exciting.


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