What Is The 9D VR Simulator ? Can I Make Money On It?

- Sep 29, 2017-

From 2016 to now, the development of VR industry in domestic momentum is very strong, with Movie Power's 9D VR simulator e, for example, a year's time in the experience of the domestic cities stores has reached hundreds of total, visible VR offline experience store market is very promising. 

Movie Power 9D VR simulator is an important part of the experience of course take VR body feeling game equipment, what VR somatosensory gaming devices, which have to according to the concrete conditions of the operator's to determine the size, the general investment to join the client will put in there will be a VR somatosensory interaction experience store warehouse which is commonly known as the vr egg chair, VR aircraft, VR super hero, VR bicycle, VR racing car, VR large space, interactive VR snow mountain and so on. You can play monsters and monsters in our 8th sense VR offline experience library, go to places you've never been to, and do all kinds of exciting games. The Movie Power 9d VR experience store is able to stop at major cities because we have these VR games devices that can attract customers. In cities where life and work are stressful, VR experience stores are a place to go. 


So since our VR somatosensory gaming devices so fun must be particularly expensive, here to see you need to specific equipment, various types of equipment price difference are high from several thousand to tens of thousands to tens of all have, if you want to open a shop, we will according to your site size for your planning, equipment collocation, including late we will be responsible for the equipment installation commissioning and after-sales service to the end. Since we are also vr equipment manufacturers, it is not only possible to be limited to join the brand, the retail of equipment can also be available, if you want to purchase which VR equipment can contact us