What Is The Market For 9d Vr Virtual Reality Experience Hall ?

- Sep 19, 2017-

In 2014, Facebook and immersive virtual reality technology leader Oculus VR company reached a final agreement, the price of nearly $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR company, which includes $400 million in cash and 23 million 100 thousand shares of common stock. Based on Oculus VR to achieve some milestone achievements, the agreement Facebook will be in cash and shares in the form of Oculus VR to provide an additional $300 million acquisition funds. Oculus VR is the leader of 9d vr immersive virtual reality technology, and although this virtual reality technology is still in its early stages, besides games, it has attracted much interest from many enterprises.

By 2015, there were many, including domestic enterprises, beginning to produce helmet mounted displays, as well as open virtual reality games and videos. All the Electronic Entertainment Expo, exhibited a variety of VR glasses manufacturers and game developers VR works, SONY, Microsoft, EA, Nintendo, Chinese 360, perfect world and other large enterprises are present, 9d vr virtual reality enthusiasts tens of thousands of lines in the product display area and special early adopters and new interactive turns.

The application of virtual reality technology is very broad, can be applied to games, movies, communications, social and other entertainment areas, but in the moment to show the experience of virtual reality is still a small number of people. People are full of curiosity and expectation for this new high-tech technology and novelty, which leads to the creation of a recreational consumption pattern that allows people to experience virtual reality. Operators can experience virtual reality of the latest technology by setting up virtual reality experience and allowing people to pay a certain amount of money. Because of the large number of people who need experience, the virtual reality experience pavilion has a huge market. And because people are experiencing this new technology, people don't care too much about prices.

According to the authoritative Markets and Markets forecast, the global virtual reality device market will reach $16 billion in 2020.

What virtual reality experience Pavilion does the market have?

Now, the 9d vr virtual reality on the market usually has Internet bar type, treadmill type, driving seat style and dynamic space capsule type.

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