What Is Virtual Reality Vr Simulator?

- Sep 19, 2017-

What is virtual reality vr simulator?

Now virtual reality vr simulator in society to raise a Babel of criticism of virtual reality, for some fancier, the virtual reality is of course familiar, but a lot of people on the concept of virtual reality, augmented reality is not too clear.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are helmet mounted display technology, helmet mounted display technology was first applied in the driver's helmet is a US Air Force fighter, a variety of data and external conditions are reflected in the driver's helmet display, the air force is on display helmet realistic environmental enhancement. Recently, Google is also developing realistic glasses. In the predator, the infrared vision of aliens will soon be realized in humans. But the reality of this additional vision may cause a decrease in human visual ability.

However, virtual reality vr simulator is different from reality. Virtual reality vr simulator is entirely for entertainment. The world inside is entirely virtual. The producers of the virtual video use the computer to construct a fully enclosed virtual world, and we can see the scene in front of us with a helmet mounted display. But when we look up or turn the head, the head sensor in the helmet changes the picture on the monitor to the scene in the corresponding position.

Virtual reality is very stressed, all virtual reality have done is to let the experience that the virtual scene is real, so telepresence will be very strong, such as experience personally on the scene into the virtual world, get immersed enjoy. Of course, virtual reality scene and the film still has some relation, is calculated according to the increase or decrease, change into the future, the reality of the science fiction landscape landscape, of course, the real future of the world is by now and the.

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