When 9d Vr Virtual Reality Theme Park Met VR HTC Vive

- Sep 26, 2017-

 There is a super cool light in VR HTC Vive , which is very exciting. Although VR HTC Vive can be immersive, we need to have a controller that lets us wield the sword. Movie Power combine HTC Vive into their virtual reality park project, players will enter a very real fantasy vr world, or a science fiction world, future incarnation become the protagonist in the game, witnessing and hand touching story!

 Virtual reality VR HTC Vive  has always been a technique of spoofing your vision and sound, and interacting with your hands in a virtual world is a complete reality that feeds back into the game. The HTC Vive incorporates motion-tracking technology, and the movements of the head and hands can be fed back into the virtual environment. In the virtual reality theme park, you can wield a sword knife to face up against the dark terror, which is so exciting!

HTC Vive (3).jpg

 When the virtual reality theme park met HTC Vive, the game was created with "magic interaction"! At present, VR HTC Vive has appeared in various virtual reality theme parks, which has been praised and praised by players. What a fascinating thing it is to be in a virtual world. Waving hands and moving to "magic interaction", the VR experience is more incisive!

 Vive is a virtual reality technology developed by HTC, which consists of two base stations, one head and two controllers. A little dot on the top and the controller is a small sensor. The base station launches the laser to the sensor, which then feeds the signal back to the base station. The base station tracks the movements of each small sensor accurately, and then, with sophisticated calculations, it can present all the movements of the experienced person's head and hands. The virtual reality theme park is integrated into the HTC Vive, and the player can incarnate in the virtual world of light and shadow!

HTC Vive (4).jpg

Players step on the beat, waving their light shields, and interacting with each of music's light waves. Virtual reality theme park incorporates HTC Vive, in addition to the sword, sword and bows archery this fighting games, music, painting and competitive elements of the game, also can appear in the experience of the project. The hard injury of painting can only be carried out in the plane, while in HTC Vive, it can be used to paint a solid, three-dimensional flow of light. The HTC Vive combines with sports games to create a more perfect and authentic interactive experience!

We can imagine a future in the virtual reality theme park where we play a much richer game. As long as those small sensors are distributed throughout our body, we can engage in any activity we want in the virtual reality world!