Where Can I Run The Virtual Reality 9d Simulator

- Sep 19, 2017-

Internet cafe experience Museum

The virtual reality helmet display is driven by computer, the computer will be delivered to the virtual video data HMD, head motion sensor in the HMD will experience the sender's head movements to the computer, then the computer screen to control the changes in helmet mounted display. Therefore, some Internet cafe operators easily thought of, in their own Internet cafes to configure some helmet monitors for consumer experience.

The advantage of the Internet cafe virtual reality 9d simulator is that it is easy to set up, and Internet cafes and computers are all ready. You only need to buy a helmet display. But with the virtual reality helmet display computer or to use high configuration, to drive helmet display needs to use computer basic more than ten thousand yuan. Experience the number of consumers is relatively limited, limited to the Internet cafes consumer groups, of course, Internet cafes are not entirely dependent on virtual reality, virtual reality to some extent can also drive the flow of Internet cafes.


Treadmill vr experience hall

In virtual reality 9d simulator, the action of the head expands the picture so that people can be immersive. Some enterprises think of, if the action of the body can also bring the change of the scenery, that can't be better. So the treadmill virtual reality equipment and the museum experience came into being, experience with a gun during treadmill walking on the treadmill, the sensor transmits signals to the computer, make the corresponding changes in the helmet display picture again computer control, experience is really in the virtual world of action, and also can gun and virtual world war on the enemy.

However, the use of treadmill experience virtual reality 9d simulator is more complex, the experience should be put on special action to capture shoes, waist and gear protection measures will also make the experience discomfort. Due to the hands holding the gun body attachment ring guardrails walking on a treadmill is difficult, so a lot of experience that feeling is not very good, he had become a big baby, toddler in machine stumbling.

Of course, new things can still attract a lot of people, but the operation of virtual reality treadmill museum experience, but need to experience any not to mind taking the trouble to explain the use of equipment, and consumption turnover for a long time, the one who experiences need to spend half an hour, resulting in reduced operating income.


VR driving seat type experience 

Seat type virtual reality museum is the seat and vr racing game gaming city similar to the driver's seat type as a car racing game is generally simulated driving experience, but the game screen is a virtual reality helmet display instead of. In 3D scalable images, stereo and seat vibrations allow the experiencer to experience more real vision, hearing and driving experience.

However, the disadvantage of vr driving seat is that the content of the game is relatively simple, and can only play the game of driving vehicles. And because the driver seat experience Museum and video game city racing game machine is too similar, in appearance can not attract consumption. Although the driver's seat price is relatively low, cheap driving seats need only a few thousand dollars, some players are still equipped with a bedroom, but it is still not suitable for the management.


Dynamic space ship experience 

Dynamic space ship virtual reality experience, in fact, is not entirely new things, dynamic space ship style experience museum is actually from the 4D movies, 5D movies, 7D movies evolved. The dynamic space capsule experience Pavilion retains its consistent dynamic analog gene, a six degree of freedom electric platform that can move up and down as the film goes up and down. On the capsule, the handle can still control the fire and shoot at the enemy. 

It can be said that the dynamic space ship virtual reality , that is, in the dynamic seat wearing a virtual reality helmet, watching movies. Now,cinema 4DX movie is very popular, in the virtual reality helmet inside the screen can be unlimited extension, experience feeling will be more immersive. Moreover, the dynamic capsule style experience pavilion has transformed 4DX's seat into a stylish and scientific eggshell shaped capsule. The so-called top new technology also needs to be packed, a unique space capsule can attract consumers, but also with the latest virtual reality technology more fit.

Dynamic space capsule type film content is more suitable for the operation, the content can be said to be all-inclusive, roller coaster, large pendulum, flying, driving, running is very suitable for the play. And these movies are invited professionals to make, the length of about 5 minutes or so, you can achieve fast rotary operation.

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