Which VR Equipment Is Good?

- Sep 28, 2017-

With the development of virtual reality is becoming increasingly hot, VR equipment more and more vr experience hall as bamboo shoots developed, it's reported that the current China VR experience hall has reached more than 7000, VR types of equipment from  single vr egg chair original quickly turn into hundreds of more diverse VR equipment such as six seats VR family, VR racing bike, treadmill VR, vr ski machine, VR Flight Simulator....... With so many choices, it's hard for investors to choose the VR museum. Exactly what property VR equipment affordable, which equipment cost-effective, popular good?

Buy VR equipment, it is best to select R & D manufacturers, and this type of VR equipment is more, after-sales service better number of Guangzhou Movie Power Electronic Technology Co., ltd.. With more than 20 people for VR equipment R & D team, VR film production team game content of more than 100 people and 10 people in the customer service service team, Movie Power to sell each VR equipment will be lifelong customer service support service company.


In addition, Movie Power provide the collocation services for VR equipment, 9D VR egg shell, VR family, VR horses, vr super hero, VR skiing, vr bike, more than 20 VR free equipment collocation. At the same time, Movie Power offer design for your vr experience hall, venue renderings, 3D three-dimensional renderings, CAD construction drawings and other design programs for investors to save a fee.

Which VR equipment is good? Movie Power, VR equipment R & D, production and sales of factory outlets, without intermediate links, affordable, select Movie Power, the whole game with VR equipment, you can also get more surprises.