Why 9D VR Is So Hot, The Truth Is More Than One!

- Sep 01, 2017-

Why 9D VR experienceis so hot, the truth is more than one!

The 9D vr experience is exciting: immersive, super realistic


9D VR is a VR technology as the core, the 3D stereoscopic video, dynamic and innovative projects, many theaters, head tracking interaction, CNC machinery, three-dimensional imaging, animation, network cloud technology cleverly combined in one. The audience can take immerse into all kinds of environment, as if through the A dream of any door, go directly to another has never been to the world, enjoy the scene shock like entertainment experience, such as virtual roller coaster, car racing, flight simulation, space odyssey, Jurassic adventure etc.. In recent years, the global popular 3D/5D/7D cinema can be regarded as an entry-level product in the field.

"Sitting on the oval seat of the egg 9D VR experience, and wearing special glasses, opens a screaming, high - pitch trip. It felt as if you were sitting on a roller coaster. There were different scenes at 360 degrees. Looking up, you could see the sky. Looking down, you felt like you were flying in the air dozens of meters away from the ground. It was very exciting. Especially when it comes down, I feel I can't stand."


Viewers experience the feel of the 9D VR movie "the virtual roller coaster" (also known as the "shuttle ride"). It is understood that when the audience experience 9D VR film, they will always reflect in the spirit of the highly centralized and highly active, the need for timely judgment and execution of the right way through the brain, imperceptibly, it can not be obtained in reality corresponding exercise without risk involved in reality.

9D VR museum is good for both young and old, men and women kill, everywhere all excited shouts and shocked expression, continue to attract market flow into the 9D region, especially for people queuing experience, make the whole shopping atmosphere is quite lively.


In fact, 9D VR entertainment hall is extremely strong, good human-computer interaction brings hitherto unknown entertainment experience, the market demand of the survey data from Baidu will be able to see that Baidu, according to statistics, 92.32% of consumers are willing to experience the virtual reality technology, and experts predict 2016 global virtual reality experience market is expected to reach 24 billion. The phantom star 9D VR as can be imagined what vast market prospects.

There is a large white 9DVR museum to highlight the advantages of miniaturization, high degree of elliptic 9DVR devices only need a diameter of about 2 meters, completely suitable for operators placed in shopping malls, downtown, scenic spots, exhibition hall, bar, KTV and other traditional equipment is difficult to enter the site, with the popularization of the potential.


At present, each big white 9D VR project investment from tens of thousands to more than ten million yuan, ordinary investors can buy equipment, placed in crowded place for business, or for rent. With two sets of 9D equipment shops as an example, 2 sets of three in one 9DVR device, draw a ticket into the area. The fare is 30 yuan / person, the monthly profit is as high as 100 thousand, the payback period is less than 2-3 months.

Options: focus on subsequent profitability

Big white 9D VR experience museum is the world's first 360 degrees arbitrary rotation of virtual reality experience commercial equipment, 0 similar products, 0 competitors, its market money scene is beyond doubt. But the choice of investment projects, but also must pay attention to the subsequent profitability of the project, at the 9DVR level, that is to look at the content of entertainment updates. Entertainment content is too small, update rate is too low, it is difficult to guarantee the amount of customers, especially the number of repeat customers. If the company does not have specialized entertainment content R & D team, that is, reselling equipment "two dealers", the latter service is difficult to guarantee. The phantom star, film not only has its own R & D team, and regularly updated and improved 9D VR film, enrich and strengthen the original entertainment resources, effectively help partners continuation of the hot money operation success.