Why Is The VR Theme Park More And More Popular Among People

- Sep 18, 2017-

Now the development of vr is very fast, as early as last year,  there is released a report claiming that VR and AR will become the next generation of computer platform after the computer and the intelligent mobile phone, a number of industries will be reshaped, not just our games, video etc..

What exactly is such a crazy VR? I believe a lot of people have heard of it, but it is not so clear, then here to give you science, what is VR theme park?

6 seats 9d vr.jpg

VR theme park is referred to as virtual reality, is a can create and experience the virtual world of computer simulation system, it uses the computer to generate a simulation environment, a simulation system of 3D dynamic interactive multi-source information fusion, the visual entity behavior and users immerse in the environment. Simply and popularly, that is, an artificial environment created by a computer that can bring the experience to the people as if it were a reality


The emergence of VR theme park makes a lot of impossible, and also makes a lot of dreams become reality. What we do in real life is not very eager to do things, we can be achieved through VR, our life is not heavy, but VR; our real life always have a variety of restrictions, so there are many things that we are unable to try, but the VR can break the deadlock. VR can be applied to many areas of entertainment, medical, military aerospace, interior design, real estate development, industrial simulation, although VR is now restricted in technology is great, but does not prevent love and favor each industry of it, giant of the industry in the first half of this year, VR theme park isreached a hitherto unknown height.


VR theme park is the technology has made remarkable achievements in the game industry. Some time ago, virtual reality Developers Conference released the latest report on the report of VR/AR innovation, virtual reality and augmented reality 78% of developers said they are considering or to enter the field of games and entertainment, and other areas accounted for relatively poor far.