Will VR Replace 3D TV To Lead The Trend?

- Jan 18, 2019-

Will VR replace 3D TV to lead the trend?

There is a very hot concept about smart TV - 3D, unlike the MAX 3D blockbuster in the cinema, this concept has never really been recognized by consumers. Many mid- to high-end TVs in the market currently support 3D, but it is obvious that this is not a mainstream selling point.

In the past 2015, 3D TVs have been mentioned fewer and fewer people, and people are more concerned about the enjoyment of image quality. In fact, there are few new products on 3D TVs, and technology is not being raised.


According to foreign media reports, the world's top two panel makers are also TV manufacturers South Korea's Samsung and LG have begun to carry out the retreat of 3D TV, and it is completely completely withdrawn.

Today, Samsung has suspended orders for 3D glasses, and LG spokespersons have confirmed that 3D-capable TVs will be cut from last year's 40% to 20%.

Although 3D technology is defeated in the television industry, it does not mean that it will completely withdraw from the consumer market. Virtual reality may be a complement to 3D technology, allowing users to experience a more perfect experience.

Virtual reality is a combination of multiple technologies. Due to the integration of head, motion tracking and other natural environmental effects, it is a technology that is good to the spot.Perhaps different from the current "floating screen" effect of 3D, but actually closer to reality, you can feel that you are part of the world you are watching.


If VR technology is applied on TV, rather than using concepts to swear and have enough sources, then consumers are willing to buy it, even if it is expensive equipment!