With Virtual Reality, Can Facebook Make The World Better?

- Oct 30, 2017-

Facebook wants to use virtual reality to improve the world.

At last year's Facebook F8 developer conference, zuckerberg outlined a way to make virtual reality mainstream: social VR, or connecting people in virtual worlds. But now Facebook has a bigger plan. Oculus Connect conference held on October 11, the theme of the speech, Mr Zuckerberg to share such a future: let virtual reality to improve every aspect of our lives, not just to improve our social. More surprising, he said, was that Facebook would like to be able to use VR for a billion people in the future.

Whether Facebook can achieve that vision depends on three factors: access to devices, content and business applications.

Zuckerberg updated a vision

Oculus Connect is an annual event, developers and content creators, based on the Oculus in the VR world influence, is arguably the VR Oculus Connect the vane of the industry, it also makes the Oculus Connect mark zuckerberg described VR of his own vision of the ideal places. In his keynote speech to redefine the virtual reality application scenario for the future, think of virtual reality can improve every aspect of our daily life, rather than just connecting people through virtual reality.

"We believe that one day almost everyone will use virtual reality to improve the way we work, the way we entertain ourselves, and the way we connect with others. Virtual reality isn't about escaping reality, it's about making reality better. It can better treat diseases, connect families, spread compassion, rethink work, improve games, and it can make us more connected." "Zuckerberg said.

"We want to make it virtual reality for a billion people," he added. "we have to make sure that everyone has access to virtual reality."

About when can achieve his goal, he does not give an exact point in time, but he provides us with a data: according to the data from eMarketer, in the United States, now only 9.6 million people use at least once each month the virtual reality technology.

We can question zuckerberg's ambitious goal of using VR for 1 billion people, even laughing at the goal. But zuckerberg was right. As he points out, in addition to using virtual reality for games and entertainment, virtual reality has been used in many other places, such as:

(1) the field of medical health: "Oculus Walk Again Project" is a Project that USES VR to help paraplegic patients to learn to Walk Again.

2) work: use Oculus to help Facebook employees who work in different places collaborate better, beyond the confines of the workplace, and solve the problems of travel and commuting.

In fact, many businesses are using Oculus and other virtual reality products to improve patient care, train staff, create news content, etc. One reason is that companies are usually more affordable with virtual reality devices.

By redefining VR's vision, zuckerberg has made the Facebook world more like GuGe's world, and GuGe sees virtual reality as a universal tool for education, search and better life. But GuGe's vision sounds more technical, and Facebook touts a world-changing ideal.

"Whenever someone says we're creating virtual reality because we're dissatisfied with the real world of our lives, my answer is: 'it's true. This is a good thing, and we believe the future will be better and better. 'said zuckerberg.