9d Simulador De Cinema

9d Simulador De Cinema

Product Details

Great features of 9d Simulador De Cinema:

  • 1,9d Simulador De Cinema is the perfect combination of VR facility, surrounding accessories, and entertainment movies.

  • 2,360°full view VR glass makes you a fully immersive game or movie experience, and you can enjoy the movies in any direction.

  • 3,built-in 9 axis sensor, 360°head tracking system, give you a precise collimation with only a slight movement of your head and make a one-key shooting with the use of hand shank.

  • 4,360°rotation makes it possible for you to enjoy the excitement in the movie freely from the beginning to the end, and without a view angle change of you sight.

  • 5,Through the smart hand shank, users can interact with the equipment easily, such as walking, fighting, shooting, etc. And users can also adjust the viewing angle by moving the right hand shank at any direction.




Power2.5KW  3KW10kw
Weight225KG 315KG  635KG 
Rotation modeNon-RotationNon-RotationNon-Rotation
Room required3.5CBM6CBM10.5CBM


Warranty12 months12months12monts

Available places

 Shopping center, amusement park, supermarket, indoor playing ground, game center, etc

PC Screen for 9d Simulador De Cinema:


SizeScreen SizeLanguagePlace of Origin
PC Screen0.9x0.3x0.417inchesEnglishChina


Installation for 9d Simulador De Cinema:

1) We will install all parts and test before we ship out the goods, you only need connect the power supply after you receive the goods.

2)We can send our engineer to your part and install for you

3)Welcome to accept the free training in our companty, our engineer will teach you how to install and operate step by step.

 After-sale service of 9d Simulador De Cinema:

 1) 2 years warranty;Technical support in a lifetime.

 2) During the period of gurantee we will supply you for free the damaged key parts including motor, monitor etc. induced by non-human factors.

 3) We offer you the professional 4D/5D/6D cinema movies which do it by us for free, because we have our own technician to update the 3D movies / films.

9d vr egg case .jpg


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