9d Simulator

9d simulator consists of a 360°panoramic glasses, a dynamic seats, a content repository, has single, double and three seats.
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What is 9D VR 9d simulator?

9d simulator consists of a 360°panoramic glasses, a dynamic seats, a content repository, has single, double and three seats.

In the game, put on the 360°panoramic glasses, you really like place yourself among them, played with people all the exciting experience.This is a revolutionary product, has been well received by the community, come to order the products.

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The advantage of 9d simulator Egg Single Seat

1) Virtual reality 9d simulator device, peripheral hardware peripherals, entertainment content platform seamless integration into a complete 9D VR.

2) 360° panoramic glasses full immersive gaming experience, beautiful scenery around take in everything in a glance.

3) Built-in 9 shaft sensor, 360° head tracking.

4) 360° rotating brings a sense from the beginning to the end of free, and set by the program to raise the platform rotates perspective glasses can keep unchanged, experience the effect is not discounted.

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Our Company

Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in VR Simulator and 5d 7d dynamic cinema for 9 years, we are committed to VR products development, production and sales and dedicated to provide total solution of VR hall that concludes with site selection and decoration, facility plan, publicity and promotion and so on, Our products have been sold to all over the worlds, and far to Europe, USA, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc countries and regions. Now the hottest VR Super Hero, VR racing, and standing VR extreme challenger of Movie Power are leading the industry.


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After-sale support 

1. Installation  

A.Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing.  

B.We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it.  

C.Send our technician to your location to complete the installation. 

2. Warranty 

We offer you one full year factory warranty.we will offer you 24 hours online maintenance for free, and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors. 

3. Movies

We have our professional team working on the movies, normally we can update 1-2 new movie every month to our customers during the period of warranty. 

4. Design 

We have our professional designer, can supply and design the ticket and room decoration for you. Help you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.