Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines

Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines

Virtual Reality Amusement Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines 9D Vr Arcade Machine With Vr Gun Target Shooting Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines is a AR air battle shooting game machine. It doesn't occupy lots of space and it's attractive with different game rules. There are three main...

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Virtual Reality Amusement Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines 9D Vr Arcade Machine With Vr Gun Target Shooting

Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines is a AR air battle shooting game machine. It doesn't occupy lots of space and it's attractive with different game rules. There are three main themes in the game and each theme has 27 scenes. Multiple weapons like laser cannon, shell, missile and Gatling gun for players. Machine-control-lifter can be adjusted for different height according to the players with different ages. Tickets or prizes based on the scores the players achieved.

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Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines Explosive models AR sniper elite, AR shooting game without helmet, simulate real sniper characters.

High-tech, high-level, multi-player Golden Triangle Mekong River anti-terrorism scene.

3 different gun style choices, gunshot head directly, simulation of real sniper stimulation effects.

Modern anti-terrorism war games, military themes, training professional players, and training venue enthusiasts.

Each gun position independently controls the level of lifting and shooting, allowing players to experience a thrilling gaming experience.

The appearance of the machine is integrated with the game content, which is very attractive to the players!

Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines A variety of game scenes, the device cites the focus function, allowing players to clear the target faster and more clearly, multiplayer can kill the target, can achieve a shot and double kill function, the game equipment playability / sticky.

With real-time photo ranking function, adsorption function, coin-operated / credit card system / WeChat payment / lottery ticket.

Competitive competition, Internet + development model, the future can be a national online competitive game, the venue can be a competition event.

It supports groups of 5 people in the same scene with different perspectives, and is similar to online games, but there is no need to connect to the game without transmission delay.

Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines has added robbing, double killing, super far headshot, mobile headshot, etc.

Various super competitive and enhanced game play mechanisms.

There are nine scenes in the whole part of the game, and the details of each scene are very delicate.

The sense of play and visual impact are also particularly strong.

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Multiplayer Shooting Game Machines Features:

- AR technology: players can enjoy the game without eye mask.

- Multi-players supported. No networking needed.

- 27 scenes and 18 stages including naval battle, land battle and air battle.

- Multiple AI systems such as aiming, tracing, orientating, zoom-in. The more players, the more enemies.

- Different modes such as time-limited mode, bullet-limited mode, stage-clearance mode.

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Base on 5S standard, the 10,000 square meters production area is in good order. ISO9000 management system certification not only is an effective guarantee of quality, but also to achieve an annual output production of 3,000pcs VR simulators and 2000pcs 4D dynamic cinema. 


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