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VR cinema Vision with virtual reality glass is the world first VR cinema with special effect. After wearing the vr glasses,

Product Details

vr cinema

 VR cinema Vision with virtual reality glass is the world first VR cinema with special effect. After wearing the vr glasses, you can experience not only brilliant movies and sound, but also feel more real with the dynamic platform motions. New space ship model makes it more beautiful and attractive.

Vr Starship (3)

Details of the vr cinema simulator

Cool appearance

Space ship.science fiction car more attractive.

Ergonomic seats

Ergonomic seats design , more comfortable.


Full HD VR headset

Dual 1080p high resolution , enjoy the VR world


Special effects device

Blow , wind special effects , with the real feeling


Motion platform

Electric system with exciting experience.



Why choose 9D vr cinema

1. Super Income

A. Brilliant Movies are maximatily 10mins, Fast Turnaround efficiency

B. 6 seats & 9 seats for your choices, the commercial profit is unlimited


2. Exclusive brand guarantee

A. Movie Power 9D VR Cinema is the first VR commercial market-creating Enterprise

B. Our company has rich experiences, and gain more than 3,000 shops all over the world

C. Established close business relationships with many famous company, example like Intel.


Profit Mode For 6 seats vr cinema


                                                    Income of  6 seats vr cinema

Ticket PriceWorking TimeMovies Time for One HourConversion ModeIncome

One Day


$55 hours5 movies5*5*5*6$750

One Day


$510 hours8 movies5*10*8*6$2400
One Month$510*8 + 5*22


 During the daily time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), open the cinema for 5 hours perday, and every hour we play 5 movies, so that one day can earn 5*5*5*6= $750


During weekend (Satureday and Sunday), open the cinema for 10 hours per day, and every hour we play 8 movies, so that one day can earn 5*10*8*6= $2400


Imagine the holiday, festival, some special days,


The Income Will be Amazing!!!


Now the opportunity is coming, please hold on your phone or compose to me, Come to 

vr simulator (4).jpg

FAQ for the vr cinema

1. Why the movies are so short?

There are three reasons.

A.VR vision virtual reality game simulator

is a high-tech product, the production cost is expensive.

B.VR vision virtual reality game simulator movies are all thrilling and exciting, with special effects, 

audience will feel nerves both mentally and physically. Just imagine you ride a roller coaster in 10 min and it will never stop!

C. Short broadcast means more movies could be played which means you’ll get a better income.

2. How to get the movies? 

We offer 100 -120 movies immediately and update 1 movies per month for you. All for free!


3. How to install the VR cinema?

A. You come to China to learn installation, usually 3 days is OK. 

B. We can offer the demo video CD together with the cinema, you install the 9d vr cinema by yourself.

C. We can send engineers to your country per your requirement, installation fee, rounds tickets and hotel fee should be at your expense.


4. Conditions to set up a cinema?

A. A room about 4.8m*2.8m*2m (A 6 seats VR cinema vision virtual reality game simulators  for minimum space) or a truck.

B. One to two staffs to manage the VR vision virtual reality game simulator.  

9D vr cinema simulator.jpg


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD9bi1q72p0

We will Take part in the exhibition IAAPA ATTRACTIONS EXPO 2017 in USA , 

welcome to visit our booth: NO.3984 . Welcome to visit us !

Contact Whatsapp :+8618027386365
Email: sales@movie-power.com


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